What Happened to Special Force DFI?

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What Happened to Special Force DFI?

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:56 am

Dragon Fly Interactive was closed down without anyone knowing that it was closed down. It wasn't clear what was the real reason about it.

GM Millias Said
"Hi all, it's been a long time since I logged into my old GM account. How long has it been? Almost one year? I've been flooded by memories of my old job, so I'm back to take a look around my old players. You guys are all still very lively, I see. Hahaha. I guess I could also explain a bit about what's happened. For the Singapore server, it's closed. And it's probably going to be permanent, so you guys will need to get your Special Force kicks from another server, or another game. I'm sorry that I haven't been good enough in providing you all the support you needed. Many things don't go the way we want, so a lot of sacrifices were thus made. It's a pity I couldn't make amends to save our server. Many thanks go out to the people who have supported the game and supported me, like Ruki, Vin, AdiFZero, the twins, and others from Singapore, and Khoabim from Vietnam. My apologies to Ben from Australia, whom I couldn't give sufficient attention to, for a super enthusiast like him. For the Philippines server, I don't know what are its plans for it, or what is happening to it now. It's likely another game company will take over it and continue the game in such a huge country. I apologize that we were not well-prepared for Filipino gamers, for the different type of gaming mindset and the gaming needs you all need. I'm sorry again that I could not provide sufficient support for every one of you. I will probably emphasize this again, even though I am not longer your GM: - don't hack - don't play private servers Why? Well... You are our only support. We hope you would support the creators of the game, so that they can continue to make more games for you. But I guess it's too late now... I can only try harder in my next job. Maybe I'll be my own boss in future, then I can avoid the pitfalls of my previous jobs and make the world a greater gaming place. When that happens, I'd give every one of you in my Facebook here a special treat. Hahahaha! Everyone, please continue to enjoy gaming and give your support to them. Without us buying their games, there would not be any games at all. To a gaming life! Cheers!"

Judging by what he said, I think they don't have enough income‚Äč to continue paying for their servers.


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