Top Free to play FPS games played in internet cafés all over the Philippines

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Top Free to play FPS games played in internet cafés all over the Philippines

Post by lorenzcruz23 on Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:18 pm

Cross Fire
[img width=600 height=400l][/img]
Cross fire is an fps developed by Smilegate(a korean game development company) It is the most popular fps game in the Philippines. It is played by tons of Filipino gamers.
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Availability: 9/10

Point Blank

Point blank is a game develope by a korean game developer Zeppeto, it is the second most popular game here in the Philippines. Back when it was published by e games it was the one of the most good looking graphics for a f2p fps game.

Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Availability: 8/10

Special Force 2
Special Force 2 is developed​ by Dragonfly also a korean game development company. This game has an impressive grahics for a f2p fps game.

Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Availability: 7/10

Special Force Online

Special force online is one of the oldest game competing against the f2p fps market in the Philippines. Its also developed by Dragonfly. Sadly player numbers are already dropping back when it was rereleased back in 2016 because of the game availability issues and bugs. People couldn't play the game anymore.

Graphics: 6/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Availability: 4/10


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